About DealerCenter Canada

What is DealerCenter Canada?

DealerCenter is a web-based DMS (dealership management solution) designed specifically for auto dealerships to increase speed and efficiency.

What is the ReHash Tool?

The ReHash Tool provides access to your Worksheet in DealerCenter, allowing you to structure a deal, make changes and get your auto-approval. 

What is the Inventory Maximizer (IMAXX)?

IMAXX instantly produces Northlake Financial decisions on all active inventory ranking based on gross margin. Connects your inventory to the customer. 

Why should I use DealerCenter?

Instant deal decision automation expedites the deal submission and approval process to improve your ability to manage business, control costs and maximize profits. 

Who has access to DealerCenter?

DealerCenter is offered exclusively to active Northlake Dealer Partners. Sign up here: 

How do I book a presentation demonstration?

Please contact your Sales Representative. 

How It Works

How do I Login to DealerCenter?

Login here: 

Use the access credentials sent to you by email.  

Can we search for a deal by name?

No, you must search the VIN number or input the DealerTrack #. 

Can we push our Rehashed worksheet structure from DealerCenter to DealerTrack?

No, but our team is working on this for 2023.  

What if I have an exception?

Use the communication box on your dashboard to connect with your Sales Representative, or call credit at 1-888-652-5320 ext. 6101. 

Can I work pre-approvals?

No. Only loans can be worked as an approval is required for the system to pull data into the worksheet.  

Can I work a DE (Decline) or CP (Credit Pending)?

No, it must be a CA (Conditional Approval) or AP (Approval).  

How often does inventory get updated on IMAXX?

IMAXX inventory is refreshed 2-4 times daily.  

Account Support

How do I get set up with an account?

How do I activate Boost to link my inventory?

Check your email for your Boost Activation Form. Send back to to be set up within 24 business hours. 

How do I add a user?

Contact Shelley with the new user details at 

Who do we contact for support?

If you need any further assistance don’t hesitate to reach out to Shelley at 

How do I reset my password or username?

Click “Forgot your password?” or “Forgot your username?” on the login page.